Blog icon-June2016HOW IT BEGAN

Several years ago a man called Paul Bentley introduced me to an idea. The idea was how the “Law and Treatment” could work together to achieve the holistic rehabilitation of the individual.


We worked with many others to develop a Drug Treatment Court which had its genesis in the American Drug Court. Inspired by both successes and failures we took our ideas on the road. We travelled around to many countries and spoke to many people. Over the years these concepts have evolved to include a vast array of different ideas, concepts and approaches.


At first, I began to talk to others about our ideas and ways of doing things. Eventually, instead of always talking I began to listen to stories from around the world and to learn about various innovative approaches to justice.


There are so many good ideas around our globe and hence the reason for JUSTICE INNOVATION Blog. This blog is a non-political and not for profit blog. If there are ideas you will like to share do not hesitate to contact us.

JUSTICE INNOVATION Blog hopes to provide a space to share ideas about innovative approaches to justice from across the world which helps to create an effective, efficient and humane justice system. So read on and visit us from time to time. Let us know if we are meeting this objective.

Kofi Barnes